Friday, December 4, 2009

"Aviatrix" - 5th and final state.

I managed to pull exactly two prints of this etching before a local SF convention art show, where I sold the best artist's proof. My art center's etching press closed for a 2-week fall break immediately afterward, and then I left for IlluxCon in Pennsylvania for a week, taking the only other print to show to some friends up there. Finally, I got back to printing this piece over the Thanksgiving holiday. Since the first two, I've done some minor clean-up on the edges and have a better feel for inking this one. I'm now pulling an edition. Here's "Aviatrix", a 5"x7" steampunk-inspired piece. I'll be putting this one in a custom Arts & Crafts frame for the S+M member show in March but must hunt down some cream or buff Rives BFK paper for the rest of the edition, rather than white. Cream paper and dark brown ink shows this piece off best.