Saturday, January 28, 2012

Update on the five-block, eight-color monster print.

Just in case you were wondering — actually, I was wondering myself — when I'd finally get this one editioned and done. I'm working on another block print and a copper etching at the moment; just set this aside for a bit.

I pulled this lousy test proof about a week and a half ago. Don't be alarmed: the colors used are just old ones laying about the DFAC Cottage print studio; absolutely not the final palette I have planned. (I know: me, pink, right?) Unfortunately, the Gamblin white ink I used to mix the 2nd to the last/top color (the lavender) was gooey and the viscosity lifted the key block's black ink right off of the dog.

At any rate, I know I'm almost there; I just need a marathon day to mix inks and print, and I just found out that Monday is not going to be that day, as I had planned.

I have to get this done and one dried and framed in about a week and a half; it's going into the DFAC Summa + Magna membership show on Feb. 13th. Yikes.

I sure like how those water swirls are working out though...