Sunday, November 30, 2014

Post-Thanksgiving projects.

A small Yule etching (3"x5") and carving on the next big Arts & Crafts style multiple-color block of the Anclote Key lighthouse. Or... a reduction block with a separate key block. Not sure which way I want to go with this one yet, but it's a big block (9"x12").

I don't have any shows definitely on the horizon until this summer, until I get any notifications on some of the recent applications I've made for spring (post annual Roycroft Master jury on March 1st). So, time to hunker down and get busy.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The 2014 Roycroft Campus Conference

Off to East Aurora, NY soon (near Buffalo) to the October 4th-5th Roycroft Conference, where I'll be part of the Roycroft Artisan-At-Large exhibit and demonstration outside on the campus. The car is packed to the gills; I'm bringing up my entire Arts & Crafts period display of block prints, along with the Future Faerie Tales of Florida. I'll be attending a lecture or two, and am really looking forward with hanging around the other RALA artisans during the weekend.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Grandiflora" — new reduction block.

Quick update: this is the finished "Grandiflora", debuted at the 2Cool Art Show in Gulfport, FL last weekend. Seven colors on Rives BFK paper.

From the previous December blog update:

I'm midway into a reduction linoleum block I started printing in November; now done with the blue ink as of last week and on to the green. I was hoping to have this done by the Palm Harbor show, but didn't want to rush things. It takes at least two days of drying the 26 prints in the edition before I can soak the paper again and run the next color. The blue background is now all carved out and I'm ready for the green of the magnolia leaves.