Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New etching(s) and a big-revamp of Studio Ibis. Oh, and I'm now a Roycroft Master Artisan. : )

It's the busy season to get ready for two summer shows: the Roycrofter's At Large (RALA) annual Summer Festival (June 27th & 28th, East Aurora, NY.) I was very pleased to learn that I have been elevated to Master Artisan status by RALA's master jury, and this will be my first time in a RALA show, after exhibiting outdoors at the very rainy and cold annual Roycroft Campus Conference in September, 2014. (But after my fingers and toes warmed up, I was delighted to find my work accepted into my third gallery, the terrific Copper Shop on the historic Roycroft Campus.)

Next up after RALA will be the always delightful 27th annual Cool Art Show, a juried show held indoors in the St. Petersburg, FL Coliseum. That'll be July 18th & 19th.

I do have a new 5'x7" etching completed in February, Athena Glaukopis, and a final state of another one finished last week: The Gossip Of Carps. That one will have final prints done as early as this weekend, if I can just get some framing done and clear the tables in the studio.

Additionally, I've done a pretty comprehensive polish on my website, Studio Ibis, which was knocked down by a malicious attack back in April. It's taken some time to find a more bullet-proof gallery plugin for Wordpress, but it's now looking a lot better. I've moved over my illustration work to Studio Ibis as well, since I don't intend to put my old site back up (which was deleted by my host provider as well). Do take a look and let me know if you find something not working, thanks!