Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter outdoor shows — Florida style.

I just did my local art show last week in downtown Palm Harbor — literally, just down the street from my house. My first outdoor art show in over a year, so it was a low-key way to ease back in. My artist friends Joyce Curvin and Lorraine Potocki were my next-door booth neighbors, which made the 6am Saturday morning set-up bearable. And smoothly efficient; we were all able to help each other out in the dark. Bob came down with me and helped with my monster Trimline canopy set-up; between the two of us, we could get that steel-framed beast up fast enough so that I could get everything hung and organized before the official opening at 10am.

Once I was ready, well… things were quiet. I made *just* enough in the way of sales by the end of the weekend, but the PH show is more about showing the hometown flag and making contacts. I did sell one of my first new framed Ebb Tide prints, the first time I've shown them, and I was very pleased about that. All in all, great weather (maybe too great — everyone went to the beach!) and a nice weekend.