Thursday, December 24, 2009

She's one of my favorite peeps, so she was easy to paint.

This is an acrylic portrait (9" x 11"), based on a lousy cellphone photo, of the daughter of a friend. It was done as a Yule gift for my friend, with the stipulation that her daughter doesn't get to run off with it to college.

This is the first 100% acrylic piece I've done in over six years, without crutching on colored pencils to deal with the face. Go me... Getting a little more confident now that I know much more about underpainting and sealing my detailed preliminary drawings under the paint. The color & patterning used was *much* looser than I am wont; I kinda liked the freedom afforded by having to make up background, due to the lack in the photo. This was really fun; it's inspired me to do more painting.