Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Catboat" is progressing.

I pulled three of these prints on Tuesday morning. "Catboat" is a three-color linoleum block print, printed in oil-based inks on the DFAC press on white Rives BFK paper. The companion piece shown is last year's "Melonseed Skiff", also a three-color block print. (My sailboat, Goshawk, is a 14' Crawford Melonseed skiff and I had a little Cape Cod catboat when I was a kid, so these are near and dear to my heart.) These are done in a period Arts & Crafts style; nautical themes generally aren't done in new A&C art as opposed to the usual gingko leaves and pine cones. I'm going to troll these around some A&C venues to see if there's any interest.

I'm not entirely happy with the ink application however; I'll pull the edition with a lot more extender in the ink to increase transparency and luminosity in the water and also close to the horizon in the sky. I also think I'll cave in and carve out a little more of that cloud on the bottom right to eliminate a strong diagonal that emerged with the contrasting background. But I'm generally happy with how it's coming along.