Thursday, December 3, 2009

New blog, new block print.

It's about time I started this; I tend to randomly post artwork for no rhyme or reason on emails to friends or on my other journal. It's about time I got serious about a sketch journal for a place to upload new stuff. I'm busy with printmaking (etching and linocut block prints), some children's book concept work and whatever else strikes my fancy. Since this is public, I hope to use it as a device and incentive to create something new most days, even just a thumbnail. I may not post for days at a time, or (let's face it...) even weeks, but I'll be hyper-aware that there's a blog out there needing content all the time, so I'm hoping this will help spur personal daily productivity.

To that end, here's a small linocut of a raven (about 6") that was inspired by a friend's corvid-themed Halloween party. I started it the eve before. This is the 4th state, pulled on Tuesday morning.