Thursday, March 4, 2010


On Monday, I packed off the show application for the Roycrofter's June summer show in East Aurora, NY along with my application for Roycroft artisan status. Fingers crossed for this year; I have enough Arts & Crafts-style stuff, or near enough, to qualify. I hope...

Working on two more copper plates today; "Good Dog!", my new linocut is nearly carved and ready for proofing on Tuesday.

I've been inventorying all of my prints, trying to see if I have anything close to an edition of 25 in most, and when all is said and done and I've excluded the ones with dings and inconsistent color & wipes, I honestly don't. Yet. But I'm getting there.

I'll be picking up some 1/8" fomecore and archival plastic bags tomorrow to start bagging the smaller Steampunk-ish etchings ("Laser-Guided Snook", "Steamed Grouper" and "Aviatrix") to open my new Etsy shop. Links to come soon.

I've also just put in a large order at Graphic Chemical for a vertical tank for the ferric chloride, along with various additives like burnt plate oil, tint extender, etc. Unfortunately, I need to wait for the print catalog to arrive to make some informed decisions about ordering oil-based relief inks. I have the basics in black and umber (there are some five different blacks to choose from in etching and relief inks...) but have been relying on whatever's been kicking around DFAC's printmaking dept. But with most of my studio furniture in place, plus the sink and print rack, I'm nearly there for my print studio's status changed to up-and-running.